Myth of Genius

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, James Dyson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart this list is endless……It is very often quoted about these people that – ”He must be gifted”, or “ have innate ability” or “good genes” a resources we either have or we don’t. Born special with some inherent gene passed down the generations.

No doubt we have all marvelled at our favourite sports star, or entrepreneur who excels in his or her chosen field, producing world class results on a regular basis, and if your like myself getting jealous and frustrated, “If only, if only, if only However is there really a gene within us, that if we process it enables us to become world class in our chosen field…

The thought people are born with a “Genius Gene” may be a comforting to believe. For in our mind it helps explain why most of us do not achieve at the highest level in our chosen field or life goals and dreams. It becomes our ultimate excuse for not even trying…

The trouble is that there is little compelling evidence in psychology for any such gene or latent ability to exist within us. Scientists haven’t yet figured out what each of our 20,000+ genes does. All that can be said at the time of writing this blog is that no specific genes identifying particular talents have been found, for this reason it seems impossible to argue that genes are what make people great.

I am not trying to tell people that literally anything is possible, but also I want to reinforce that it is equally foolish to think that most of us are built to be average at best, and that we know our limits and that they are fixed… We do inherit from parentage – but we also become.

David Beckham’s forte was free-taker and crosser, he was arguably the finest specialist of this skill in the world. Beckham was questioned on this by Matthew Syed for his book “Black Box Thinking” he stated that “When I think about free kicks I think about all the failures, it took tons of misses before I got it right, you have to keep pushing yourself if you want to improve, without that journey I would never have succeeded”.

He constantly worked on how to improve, learning from mistakes.

The explanation is simple – some people (High Achievers) train harder, train smarter, plan better, dream bigger…they ultimately become a bigger version of themselves.

People like this have GRIT, endless Drive, Discipline and Determination – we at PX4 call this the Delta Fire team (an old military analogue from my days of service – the ultimate support team)

The only belief system they have is I CAN and I WILL. They ensure they are operating in the correct environment, as the Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck found High Achievers were encouraged to adopt a “Growth Mindset”. She has built her prestigious career on the importance of individuals believing that their own abilities are malleable and crucially not fixed at birth…

A common characteristic in successful adults is that at some point in their lives often at an early age, they come to realise how much the process of improvement is within their control, and they are ultimately open to learning.

Hence the stories we hear of the young Tiger Woods hitting endless amounts of golf balls or the All Black rugby legend Dan Carter who as a child kicked the rugby ball over the roof of his house till it went dark everyday after school thus honing their skills. Yes Mozart was young at 21 to be a successful composer but what is important to remember is he started the process as a young child 4 or 5 years old. Thus he spent 16 years honing his craft. A genius or someone with grit and determination??

It maybe that Beckham and Jordan were born with admirable sporting qualities, but what is apparent is that adopting a Growth Mindset and dedicating oneself to doing the hard graft in whatever craft you choose is the most important factor, that is proven, the genius gene is not…

Practice, practice, evaluate, then practice again.

The overriding message I want to put out is that we often let failure or fear set the destiny compass in our lives, we interpret failure or get analysis paralysis and don’t even start the process due to limiting belief systems set possible in our childhood. We let the “3 pound electrified Organ” we call a brain take control of our lives and our future…

We will have fears or doubts but endless case studies on successful people prove that High Achievers train harder, train smarter, plan better, dream bigger…they ultimately become a bigger version of themselves. They dare greatly and work through any belief systems or fears that are holding them back.

But what is important is that you don’t need to be young to start the process, it is never too late…The genius is in all of us. All you have to do is believe and yo definitely can achieve more than you ever dreamed of, all you may need is guidance and assistance…

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